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Self-Driving Grocery Delivery Cars Present Interesting Data Security Questions
Category: Information Security & Privacy, Transportation
According to the Associated Press[1], Ford Motor Company and Walmart, Inc. have joined forces along with Postmates to test self-driving vehicles for a grocery delivery service. The tests are expected to take place in Miami-Dade County, and deliver typical grocery and other sundry items from nearby…
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The Rise of Wire Fraud: Cybercrimes Targeting Money Wired in Real Estate Transactions Increasing
Category: Banking & Finance, Information Security & Privacy
No one can argue that technology has worked wonders in the area of real estate transactions, making these transactions faster, smoother and more accessible. However, thanks to technology these transactions are now exposed to an increased threat from criminals working in digital spaces. Perceived as…
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Passwords Are Getting Ridiculous, Right? Consider Simplifying Your Company's Two-Factor Authentication With A Physical Security Key
Category: Information Security & Privacy
If you clicked on this post, that means you probably fall into one of two categories. Category 1: You are really tired of having to come up with – and remember – increasingly more complicated passwords, only to then be asked for a second-level passcode. Category 2: You are responsible for your…
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Don't Let the Future of Trucking Leave Your Practice Behind (Part 2)
Category: Information Security & Privacy, Transportation
In our last article, we discussed two of the biggest technological developments in trucking already taking place on our nation’s streets and highways. Today, this article steps a bit further into the future of trucking, both in this State and across the world. The Future of Driver Monitoring There…
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Don't Let the Future of Trucking Leave Your Practice Behind (Part 1)
Category: Information Security & Privacy, Transportation
The rapidly approaching and radically different future of the trucking industry will bring new challenges and opportunities to nearly every corner of the Arkansas legal community. From interstates and highways to city streets, from the 18-wheeler “big rig” to the garbage truck outside your house…
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